How do we do it?

Recirculation technology in every pool at Lago Sofia allows us to handle multiple water parameters. We manipulate the water temperature to improve the fish conditions, we filter all our wastes, we control the energy expenditure, and above all, we limit the use of this resource to always provide our customers with high level sustainable foods.

“Our way of caring for the fish and the Environment is by focusing on the limited and controlled use of water in our work.”, Alejandro Fernández, Lago Sofía president.

Our Plant

We fatten and produce salmon with the highest quality standards, innovating in the protein transformation process in a controlled environment which allows us to save resources while respecting our neighbors as well as the Environment.


Our individual water recirculating system not only allows us to reduce the cost of this resource but also gives us the possibility to take care of the energy, regulate water temperature, reduce waste and pollutants and keep our fish in an excellent fattening state.